Wild Women and War Paint // Beaver Ponds, CO

Whitney Watts, Annie Brook and myself had been talking about doing a shoot together for about a year now. Spontaneously we decided it finally must be done and planed this shoot in a day. This means coming up with a theme, location and then putting all of clothes we think would work in one big pile.  Luckily Whitney and Annie are two of the most brilliant well-dressed people on the planet so it all fell together quite nicely. It was so much fun tromping around with these two in white war paint. Thank you Annie and Whitney for the good times. 

When a Mother Reads... // Part 2

When a Mother Reads // Part 1

I remember my mother reading to us girls for hours by the creek as we sketched in our notebooks. My father told fantastic bedtime stories that kept our imaginations awake all night. Wonderful and frightful worlds we played in, our own Never Never Land. At least I think I remember or maybe they are memories of memories.  They are as elusive as they are close, like a sound you have never heard and yet if you were to hear it, you would recognize it.

It is the innocence of play that inspired this shoot. The Millers were the perfect family for it. The Miller kids Addie, Alan, Elias, Cora, and Thea (in age order) were great troopers as we hiked to the location and played our way through the shoot.  Marci Miller and I worked together to find the perfect outfits and set ideas to create images that would ignite imagination.  Special thank to Elizabeth Samuel for letting me dig through the basement of Thru the Lens Old West Photos, Annie Brooks of Brumley and Wells for letting me raid her closet and Nathan Schmidt for loaning me his prized book Peter Pan and Wendy by J.M. Barrie.