Stolen Tender Moments: Part 1

Being a photographer is perhaps the best seat in the house for witnessing nuptials. We are paid to shadow the couple to document every moment. Normal cultural privacy considerations do not exist. We see everything. For these reasons a bride must put more trust in her photographer than any other vender, and why it is such an honor to be one. Weddings can be chaotic. They are very expensive productions put on by families who most likely have complicated histories with each other.  They are a most elaborate way to swear that you love and will continue to love someone. A photographer gets to witness how the star performers of this grand production perform. How they respond when things don’t go according to plan, which trust me they won’t.  But, there are these moments between the bride and groom, tender moments that are stolen from the business of the day.   Moments that as a photographer, who has no previous investment in the couple, make my heart ache. They are the smallest touches, the briefest looks and one-word whispers.  I play witness to their love through a camera lens. I can’t help hoping that if ever need be these photographs can be called to court if the jury is ever out on whether or not a couple still loves each other. That these moments will somehow disprove the statistic that six to seven of the fourteen newlyweds I photographed this season will as before no longer share the same last name. Because if I am truly honest with myself, people and the stories written on their faces have always resonated more with me then printed numbers on paper. A groom’s tear, a sister’s laugh, a long hug from mom, an approving nod from dad, a best friend’s smile or a giggle from the bride mean more than the ink on a wedding certificate.  If I can capture that ,then I know I’ve done my job.

These photographs were taken while working as a second shooter for Thru the Lens Weddings by Ben.  You find his work on Facebook or the Thru the Lens website  

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